About me...

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About me...

I'm originally from Brazil and moved to Stockholm, Sweden to work as software developer.  Big step in my life but a journey full of surprises (and some of them a bit too sour).

Even living sometime that isn't exactly short, I still not able to speak Swedish.

I love photography as hobby and sometimes take outdoors walk for photo shooting.  I like to use my 70-300 mm lens, but unfortunately it is too dark for indoor usage (which ends up ruining some pictures at conferences).

As my own site states, I'm an engineer despite working on software.  I do know electric parts and components, from cabling to microchips.  Fortunately I have worked very few on it.

On software side, I'm a big Linux and free software fan.  One of my passions is also Python programming language, which I try to promote as much as possible and I'm also part of the PyCon Sweden board.  So I always use spaces instead tabs.

On health habits, I do bike every day, even during winter.  I love bike, but it isn't some addiction.  I try to be a runner, but so far I'm more a walker than anything else.  But I keep trying.

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