Após um almoço no restaurante próximo da firma, na raras visitas que faço por lá, enquanto comiamos a famosa panqueca de quinta-feira, uma colega começou a conversar sobre o novo chat bot de OpenAI que tomou corações e posts do Mastodon, ChatGPT.

Hoje ela me enviou uma canção gerada pelo bot.

Helio, Helio, the Linux lover He knows Kubernetes like no other Prometheus, Design Rules, he's got them down Windows? He'd rather not mess around

With his skills in Python and Linux, too Helio can make any project come true He's a developer with a passion for all things open source And when it comes to coding, he's always on the right course

So here's to you, Helio, the Linux and Python king You make the world of technology sing Keep up the great work, and never lose your love for all things open We're grateful for all the code you're sharing, and the knowledge you're hopen!"

Eu adorei, claro. Muito obrigado Teja!

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